Ways to Get Full Advantage of Pokemon Go Event

Events usually center around a holiday or a new season.

John Hanke Hinted PvP Battle Release

According to Hanke, PvP in Pokemon GO will be .........

Do the Same Shiny Pokemon Appear Shiny for Everyone?

Are these shiny Pokemon look shiny to every player who encounters them? Or are they unique to the individual Pokemon trainer?

IVs and Movesets of Wild Pokemon are now Random up to Level 30

Although Pokemon Go's Easter Eggstravaganza is over, fans have discovered a major change to one of the game's core mechanics.

7 Crazy Pokemon Origin Theories

Who doesn't love Pokémon? An easy to pick up, impossible to put down game with bright, colourful characters and simple .........

Five Obnoxiously Common Pokemon GO Spawns Took Over the Map.

We thought Pidgey and Rattata were annoying. Then these five obnoxiously common Pokemon GO spawns took over the map.

Niantic CEO Hints At Coming Of Legendary Pokemon

Niantic recently took part in a question and answer session at a high school

The Best Quick Move and Charge Move based on DPS

Moves are much like Pokemon themselves: All moves in the world of Pokemon Go are of a specific type, and that factors into the .....

Tips for Play Pokemon Go in Rural Area

Rural Spawn increase at recent time. If you’re really struggling to find many Pokemon in the wild, there are a few ways you can ........

Lure Module event in Japan

A lure module event event was announced in Japan. It will take place at all Poké Stop McDonald's locations

4 depressing Pokemon urban legends

Many more urban legends exist about Pokémon and their world, and not all of them are depressing. Some are silly, some are just ...........

Top 10 Gen 2 Pokémon with Highest Attack

Here’s a breakdown of the best newly obtainable attackers that you need for your team.

Gen 1, Gen 2 Starters Are Easier to Get and Porygon back to 5km Egg

Gen 1 Starter, Gen 2 Starter and Porygon

Niantic CEO revealed a little bit of details about Smeargle and Delibird

Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed a little bit of details about the discharge of two new Pokemon.

Egg Hatching Chart 2km 5km and 10km

New Pokémon can be discovered by searching populated locations, or by hatching them from eggs.

5 CRAZY Pokémon Rumors that Many People Believe

5 Little-Known Pokemon Secrets And Facts That Will Blow Your Mind